Previous WEEC Congresses


8th WEEC – Gothenburg 2015

Planet and People – How They Can Develop Together?
Gothenburg (Sweden), 29 June – 2 July 2015

The 8th World Environment Education Congress (WEEC 2015) was hosted by the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg.

The Congress themes were 11 and ranged from the digital age to poverty reduction, green cities, climate change adaptation and educational policy development for environment and sustainability.

The 8th WEEC registered 800 delegates of 73 nationalities and youth from different countries. Students from Sweden, Slovakia and Turkey were sent by the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) – coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) – to report from the congress.

7th WEEC – Marrakech 2013

Environmental Education in Cities and Rural Areas: Seeking Greater Harmony
Marrakech (Morocco), 9-14 June 2013

The 7th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC 2013), which occurred in Marrakech from the 9th to the 14th of June 2013, filled up with participants, meetings, ideas and even emotions sharing.
2400 participants, coming from all over the World (more than 105 nationalities were there!), shared and enjoyed together the 7th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC 2013), for 5 days, from the 9th to the 14th of June, in the Marrakech Congresses Palace (Palais des Congrès). This record participation highlights the growing interest for the Environment and makes this unique event a reference forum in the Environmental Education field.

6th WEEC – Brisbane 2011

Explore, Experience, Educate
Brisbane (Australia) 19-23 July 2011

The 6th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) took place in Brisbane, Australia from July 19th to July 23rd.
The congress was jointly organised by AAEE (Australian Association for Environmental Education) and by the WEEC Permanent Secretariat.
In spite of the distance and the international economic crises, more than 800 delegates from more than 50 countries from all continents joined the event, which involved plenary sessions, paper presentations, workshops, round tables and symposiums.

5th WEEC – Montreal 2009

The Earth, our common home
Montreal (Canada), 10-14 May 2009

The 5th World Environmental Education Congress gave nearly 2,200 participants from 106 different countries the opportunity to join forces in exploring new ways by which we can better live together in our schools and institutions, our neighbourhoods and businesses, our cities, towns and regions, in short, on Earth, our common home. This confirms the growing interest about environmental education and sustainability, a complex and constantly changing field.

General objectives:

  • To promote the role environmental education plays in developing and enriching human identity and constructing  healtier individuals, communities, and societies.
  • To highlight the contribution environmental education brings to social innovation by addressing socio-ecological issues and contributing to eco-development within all societies.
  • To emphasize the role environmental education can play in public policy development, and how public policy can strengthen environmental education.

4th WEEC – Durban 2007

Learning in a changing world
Durban (South Africa), 2-6 July 2007

The Fourth Congress was organized, within the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), by the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA), in collaboration with WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa and numerous partners.

It was divided into 13 thematic sessions, workshops, poster-corners, parallel events, visits to the territory to explore the socio-cultural richness of South Africa.

It confirmed the validity of the formula that joins world reasearch, institutions and civil society in order to strengthen the diffusion of environmental and sustainability culture.

3rd WEEC – Torino 2005

Educational Paths Towards Sustainability
Torino (Italy), 2-6 October 2005

The Third World Environmental Education Congress, which took place in Turin, concluded the phase of consolidation and opened the series of biennial Congresses. The first objective of the Congress was to exchange observations and best practices at a worldwide level, to develop the main themes for the agenda on environmental education and to jointly discuss the themes and proposals presented in the speeches and posters from around the world. The third edition of the WEEC had the objective of creating a world community on environmental and sustainable education research and practice. This gave it a significant place in the first year of the United Nation Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014).

2nd WEEC – Rio de Janeiro 2004

Building a possible future
Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), 15-18 September 2004

The second edition of the World Environmental Education Congress, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, brought the international scientific community together for an exchange of experiences and research orientations. This valuable experience involved more than 1500 participants, including members of environmental organizations, business representatives, university students and non-profit associations.

1st WEEC – Espinho 2003

Strategies for Sustainable Future
Espinho (Portugal), 20-24 May 2003

The first World Environmental Education Congress was held in Espinho (Portugal), under the sponsorship of UNEP and UNESCO; it was the first of what would be a series of global events and gathered together 350 participants from 40 countries, offering an international platform for educators, scientific experts, researchers, scholars, politicians, technicians, activists, the media and teachers to discuss worldwide key issues in Environmental Education (EE) in an integrated perspective.