Program at a Glance

The 9th World Environmental Education Congress Local Organizing Committee is excited to announce the final program. Click on the program schedule button to view all sessions by date and time!

WEEC 2017 - Program at a Glance

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Session Formats

During the congress various formats are envisioned for the sharing of research and practice within the 14 sub-themes described in the call for abstracts. These will include a number of symposia, novel format, paper sesions, round tables and interactive poster sessions. Each of these formats are described here:

A symposium usually involves a panel of experts or stakeholders who examine a specific theme or issue. The proposer controls presentations, discussion, and questioning with the assistance of the presider/discussant. Discussion will promote the expression of alternative viewpoints and theoretical positions. This format will be mostly reserved for plenary or general sessions.

Novel Format
In these sessions, presenters share work in an alternative format. There may be a number of novel format presentations scheduled at any time and these may occur inside meetings spaces or in public areas during the meeting. A facilitator will introduce the presenter(s) and will keep time for the session. Novel formats can be assigned timeslots from 30 minutes to 90-minutes, but normally individual presenters will be allotted 30 minutes.

Paper Sessions
Only a limited number of paper sessions will be scheduled for each theme of the congress. In a paper session, a presider/discussant introduces the speakers, who then present an abbreviated version of their papers. Generally, each paper will be allotted 10 minutes for presentation, followed by 5 minutes of questions, critique, and/or discussion. The discussant and audience will use the remaining time for additional discussion, general review, and suggestions for further research.

Round Tables
In discussion based round table sessions, each presenter is assigned a table or a circular arrangement of chairs where interested persons may gather for discussion with the presenter about his or her topic. The presenter makes a short, informal presentation followed by discussion that he or she controls. There may be several papers assigned to one room resulting in concurrent discussions throughout the room. A presider/discussant may be assigned; if so, the presider will introduce the presenters, explain the format of the session, and give a 5-minute warning of the session ending time.

Interactive Poster Sessions
Eight to ten posters will be assigned to one room organized according to a theme. Presenters must set up their displays prior to the start of the session and then promptly remove them at the end of the session. Each presenter will have 2-3 minutes to present a brief overview of his or her research at the start of the session. At the conclusion of the brief presentations, audience members will have approximately 45 minutes to circulate throughout the room to view the posters and interact with the presenters. At the conclusion of this time, the audience members will return to their seats for a large group discussion facilitated by the session presider or discussant (15 mins).