Field Excursions


The 9th World Environmental Education Congress invites you to partake in Field Excursions taking place on Thursday, September 14 and Friday, September 15. In collaboration with WEEC 2017, these offsite excursions will allow you to take in local sights while seeing examples of how Environmental Education is being delivered in British Columbia, Canada.

Bookmark this page and visit it often as we’ll keep adding Field Excursions in the lead up to WEEC 2017.

Thursday, September 14 – Sea to Sky Outdoor School at Camp Elphinstone, Sunshine Coast

100 grade-10 students will be hosted at YMCA Camp Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast for a full day of exploring creeks, forests and shorelines; cultivating a sense of place; team building; and receiving a rich outdoor experience where nature is teacher. You’re invited to spend the day to see how the program is being delivered by the Sea to Sky Outdoor School for Sustainability Education.

The Sunshine Coast is approximately 40 minutes by ferry or water taxi from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. If enough people plan to attend, a bus could pick up WEEC delegates at the ferry terminal in Langdale.

September 14 – 15 – Walking the City: Interactions of Theory, People and Place

Workshop facilitated by Marcia McKenzie, Monique Blom, David A.G. Clarke, and Jamie Mcphie

Walking the City is a two day participatory workshop considering contemporary academic thought whilst exploring the city of Vancouver by foot. The central objectives of the workshop are: (1) To bring together interested parties to introduce and discuss contemporary theory in relation with place and walking, and (2) to experience the performance of theory and urban materiality through walking in Vancouver. What does walking do to the walker, and to the various sociomaterialities (people, places, objects, natures, etc.) they interact with? Drawing on decolonial, psychogeographic and new materialist theory we ask: How do theorizations of ‘walking,’ and its relationalities with place, materiality, mobility, and related concepts, matter for how walking pedagogies are undertaken? We invite participants to join us for this two day workshop where we will walk, talk, and record experiences through various media.

Visit the event website for more information:
Click here for the excursion poster: Walking the City


While not required, you may want to consider hiring a bus to bring delegates to your Field Excursion. In this case, consider applying for the Pacific Parklands Foundation’s Bus Grant Program. See here for details and to apply.